Accelerating Education

E-Kart Program

The Racing for Science E-Kart Program empowers students to apply classroom-learned textbook theories to an AWESOME real-world project! As part of the program, students build an electric go-kart, utilizing skills from project planning, finance, and engineering design.

The E-Kart Program teaches through multiple learning modalities in a project-based learning environment, strengthens functional knowledge, and offers critical hands-on feedback, reinforcing what would otherwise be easily-forgotten abstract concepts.


Teen Driver Training

Deeper knowledge = safer drivers

Understanding the principles of why your vehicle behaves how it does is crucial for accident avoidance in an emergency.

Racing for Science teaches the why to young drivers in controlled environments, lowering their risk out on the open roads.

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Our Teen Driver Training program makes our roads safer by providing new drivers a safe environment where they gain valuable hands-on experience with vehicle dynamics and control, all with a knowledgeable coach guiding them through the learning process.

From driving posture to suspension kinematics, Racing for Science’s Teen Driver Training educates participants on the techniques underlying safe vehicle control.